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Duncan Muya

I am Sociologist and Political Scientist by profession. He is an academic and article’s writer, and a blogger. I am also an online entrepreneur for several years.

How to get more out of PayPal to Equity Transactions

Are you a freelancer earning in dollars and withdrawals via Equity Bank? There is a way you can save some few coins.

Go to Equity Bank and open a dollar account. You will need a KRA pin, a copy of your ID and $10 in cash or you can buy at the bank. It is better to have the dollar bill in cash because the rate at the bank is always high.


The process

Whenever you want to withdraw, always use the dollar account. You will be charged the normal PayPal to equity charges. When the three official days are over, you will be able to withdraw your dollars in hard form.


Possible Options

You can negotiate the rates at your branch. The rate will be higher than what you would have gotten if you withdrew in Kshs. This will save you a few coins. You should however note that your power to negotiate at Equity bank starts at $1000 or above.

The other option would be selling your dollars at the bureaus in town. You will get better rates than what the bank would offer. As a business principle, always create rapport with vendors at the bureaus. This will give you an upper hand in negotiations. Whatever rates they may have on their boards are not final or absolute.

I hope you this will help you to get more value for your dollars. All the best.

Professional Academic Writing Services

In the modern world, technology has evolved, enabling people to outsource their academic work to businesses in the different time zones. These positive changes, especially in the information technology, have allowed professional academic writing to thrive. The academic writing industry has adopted these changes thus making it easier for you to write different papers.

With professional academic writing, all that a writer needs is a computer, the internet, and a real right place. Of course, sound knowledge and expertise in the area they have specialized in is an added advantage. This has made the academic writing industry to grow as writers can work without much hustle.

At some point in life, you have come across a Harvard cited paper or an Oxford academic paper, or you have been asked to write one. Writing it for the first time can be a daunting experience since you are not thoroughly acquainted with the required skills to write one. However, this does not mean you will not write one; you can always use the help of professional academic writing companies.

The rising number of freelancing companies makes it even easier to get these services. All you need is an account with them, and you are ready to go. You can also have direct academic writers to communicate with.

This article will focus on academic writing and the services that they offer. It will give the insight of the many services they can provide you.

The Academic Writing Services

Harvard Thesis Generating

Coming up with a thesis for your academic paper can prove to be a hard task, especially for those who have never written one before. A thesis is the most vital part of your academic paper since it clearly states what your argument is going to be in the paper.

In other words, it gives the reader a snapshot of which side your argument is based on. After reading your thesis, the reader should be able to establish what your argument is on the paper.

With the help of academic writing experts, you will be able to come up with a strong thesis that will guide you in writing your academic paper.


Writing of different academic papers

Despite which degree course you are taking, with the help of expert academic writing you will be able to handle all the Harvard academic papers that your professor gives you. They are equipped with the right tools and expertise to deal with papers from different areas. From Harvard psychology essays, Harvard  technology papers to social and political science Harvard referenced research papers.

They are familiar with different styles that you can be asked to use by your instructor. These include Harvard Citation style, APA Citation Style, or MLA Citation Style. They will follow all the guidelines to ensure that you get quality academic work.


Other academic services

The professional academic typists can also rewrite your academic papers. If you wrote individual essays and they did not meet the standards required by your instructor, you can use the help of Harvard cited academic writing services to get the job well done.

The online companies have experienced writers who will use their large tools to collect all the errors in your paper. These tools have the ability to do a thorough revision that is needed to make sure that paper does not have grammatical, punctuation or any other errors.

With the help of professional academic writing services, you can do your assignments in time without compromising your schedule. For those people who want their assignments done, they can always do so in time.


Why use academic writing services?


Working with a professional academic writer allows room for flexibility. You can send the work you want to be done anywhere at any time as long as you have your computer and internet. With a portable laptop, you can carry, and receive work even when there is a power outage.

People can send or receive your job from your traveling bus or your hotel room. That is how flexible professional academic writing is. Everyone wants a flexible service where services can be delivered to you in the most efficient way as possible.

It is easy to access

So many people want someone to work for them without succeeding. This is despite them paying well to attract the right people to work for them. With availability of academic writing professionals, you do not have to go through all that.

There are very many sites offering academic writing services, so you do not have to worry about tarmacking. It is not a long process if you want to hire Harvard style essay writer; all you need is an email address on some sites and a mode of payment.

Method of payment is secure and cheap

When you hire a good freelance site, they will make sure that your money is safe, and your work is delivered. Their mode of payment is easy and accessible worldwide. One example how people pay for Harvard paper writing service is through PayPal. You do not need to be in the same geographical regions!

Quality work at low price is guaranteed

Passing your degree or program is always a good thing because no one likes failing. It will help you secure enough jobs out there when you are competing with other people who have the same qualifications. One way to ensure that you pass at the end of your course is making sure you perform in your academic paper assignments.

Professional academic writers have vast experience and expertise so that you will be assured of quality work. They will follow all the rules and guidelines required by your instructor to ensure you pass with excellence. They do thorough revisions and review your work before handing it over to you.

Time saver

Sometimes undergraduate and postgraduate students have to do school and jobs at the same time making time a limited factor to them. Doing research for your Harvard referenced research paper can take so much of your time, and most of them find themselves needing the help of professional academic writing services. They make sure they deliver your work in time before the deadline.

It is evident from this article that there are a lot of services and benefits that come with outsourcing your academic work to professional academic writers. Hire one today and enjoy these services.

If you need reliable Harvard paper services, please click here.

A Guide on How to Write Harvard Cited Papers

Citation or referencing is an essential part of academic paper writing. It enables you to use other people’s ideas and work in your essay without being blamed for plagiarism or academic dishonest. It demonstrates that you have researched and read about other relevant works about the topic you are discussing to provide authority for statements in your paper.

The Harvard citation method is the preferred style for many academic disciplines in most universities especially in the United States, Britain, Canada and Australia. It is an in-text citation style which varies in minor features such as punctuation, capitalization, use of italics and abbreviation. It will depend on the instructions given by your instructor.

Harvard cited papers are academic papers that use Harvard style to cite their sources and references. The citations mostly appear in the middle of their text. The citations are then compiled into a list that is displayed at the end of the text as a reference list.

Harvard cited papers are standard in science and technical writing. Just like other papers, the Harvard citation style has rules and guidelines that writers are supposed to follow while writing their papers. The best thing about it is it allows writers to cite their sources in the text.

If you are an undergraduate or a postgraduate student, your instructor may ask you to write Harvard cited papers at some point in your course. If you have never done it before, this can be a daunting experience for you. This article will give the guidelines and tips that you need while writing Harvard cited papers.

The two types of citations you need to know when writing Harvard cited papers

In-text citations

In-text citations are used when you are directly quoting, summarizing, or paraphrasing a source of information. They are found in the body of your text and contain a part of the full citation. How the in-text citations will appear in your essay depends on the source type.

The reference lists

These lists are found at the end of the essay, and they give full citations of the sources used in the essay. Mostly the reference list gives the full citation for the in-text citation.

How to cite different sources using the Harvard referencing style

Books with one author

The structure of the Harvard citation for books with one author is as follows; Last name, First initial. (Year published). Title. Edition. The city published: Publisher, Page(s). The edition should only be included if it is not the first edition. If the edition of the book is not listed, it is recommended that you assume it is the first edition and ignore the publishing part in the citation.

Books with two authors more authors

The Harvard citation structure for books with two or more authors should appear in the order they appear in the source. You should use the name “and’ to separate the names of the authors.

Last name, first initial and last name, first initial followed by the same format in the books with one author.

Multiple sources by the same author

When you encounter multiple sources by the same author and you, have to use them in your Harvard cited papers, place the references in order by year. In case, the sources were published in the same year, put them in alphabetical order by the title.

Print journal articles

If your source while writing Harvard cited papers is a print journal article, the structure should include the following: Last name, First initial. (Year published). Article title. Journal, Volume (Issue), Page(s).


When writing your citation for a website,  you should use the following format start with the Last name then the first initial followed by the  Page title where you got your information. [online] Website name. Available at: URL [Accessed Day Mo. Year].

The above are just a few sources that you can cite your work from while doing your Harvard cited papers.

There are many other sources that you can cite while writing your Harvard cited papers. They include eBooks, pdfs, archive materials, blogs, conference proceedings, artworks and much more. To know how you can cite these sources, you can visit sites such as Cite this for me that will guide you in Harvard referencing style.

Tips that will help you write good Harvard cited papers

Make sure you choose the best title

In many cases, the title will be your guide. Through the title of your article, you will be able to find sources that you can cite using the Harvard style in your paper. A good title will help you come up with sources that can be cited using the Harvard referencing style.

Take your time while researching for your Harvard cited papers

Doing a quick job can set back the writing of the Harvard cited papers. Make sure you grab your time to find credible sources that you can cite your information. The in-text citation should be clear on the reference page without much struggle.

Understand the Harvard citation rules and guidelines before starting the paper

For people who have never done a Harvard cited paper before, this is crucial for you. Read and understand all the instructions and make sure you know everything that is required of you. This will help you on how to include your in-text citation in the full citation.

Get help on how to write Harvard cited papers

If you are writing Harvard cited papers for the first time it could prove a hard task, not only will it cost you much time but also you might not meet the standards required by your instructor. So where can you get help to ensure that you get the best Harvard cited paper?

Getting help from your instructor is always the best idea. He or she will guide you according to the way the professor wants you to write the essay. Another way is by hiring online companies that charge a fee to write an academic paper for you.

When you follow the guidelines in this article, you will not only save time while writing your Harvard cited papers but also come up with a quality essay.

If you need help with academic papers, I will always propose you talk to Whizz Academics.


Paypal to M-pesa services in Kenya are relatively new(half a decade) and growing at a very high rate, owing to the demands of the many people working online. As more people discover it every passing day, several questions arise regarding its general operation, the safety of the money transacted as well as how it compares with the other methods of withdrawing from PayPal. Here are the answers of some of the frequently asked questions:

How do Paypal to Mpesa agents Operate?

The service providers promise to help you withdraw money from your PayPal account to your M-pesa. In essence, the money is not withdrawn as such. The service provider will not access your PayPal account. The transfer will not be from PayPal to M-pesa either. What basically happens is that you transfer your $$ from your PayPal account to that of the service provider. It maybe through the use of an invoice or sending the dollars directly to the agent’s account. The dealer will then send you an equivalent amount through your M-pesa, after deducting the commission and relevant transaction charges.

How does it compare to other methods?

When we talk of other methods, we’re mostly referring to Equity Transfer and Payoner card. We mostly compare the various modes of PayPal withdrawal using 2 parameters. Time and cost… As far as time is concerned, how long are you willing to wait for your money? For instance, the Equity Bank withdrawal process could take up to 8 business days to finalize. That is almost 2 weeks. If you have bills to pay, it’s unlikely that you’re willing to wait for that long. In addition, you have to be a holder of an Equity Bank account. If you’re in a position to wait for the specified period, Equity will give you higher rates per dollar compared to the PayPal to M-pesa service providers. The transaction charges are also lower. They charge 1.5% of the total amount withdrawn.

The Payoneer card gives you a virtual US account. You can then click on ‘withdraw’ on your PayPal account and transfer the funds to the card. If you’re a beginner, however, you may not find this option very viable to begin with. PayPal does not allow linking new Payoneer cards anymore. After the online application process, the card takes up to one month to arrive. Don’t you need a reliable withdrawal method in the mean time? The card also requires a $30 activation fee as well as other fees for maintenance and each ATM withdrawal. Unless you’re transacting large amounts, a Payoneer card might work to your disadvantage.

The actual withdrawal must be done at MasterCard branded ATMs. Some banks do not accept use of Payoneer at their ATMs. If you’re in a rather remote area, you may find yourself having to travel long distances to the ATM. Ultimately, PayPal to Mpesa service comes out as the most convenient.

How much does it Cost?

The transaction charges of PayPal to M-pesa services vary from one PayPal to M-pesa agent to the other. The costs are affected by the fluctuations of the dollar, M-pesa transfer fees and the dealer’s commission. Currently, you’re likely to get a flat rate of Ksh 78-85 per dollar. Remember that the dollar exchange rate has hit and exceeded the Ksh 90 mark in the recent past. This is good news for those who work online, but no one knows how long it will last. The flat rate can decrease any time when the exchange rate drops to the normal values. Remember other sectors of the economy suffer with such exchange rates, and it may be only a matter of time before the exchange rate is back to the 80s bracket.
What are the Pros and Cons of Paypal to Mpesa?

As we have seen before, the services are synonymous with convenience. You can withdraw your money from whichever corner of the country, at any time without having to leave the comfort of your house. This saves you time and energy which you can use to do more work.

On the other hand, the business has been infiltrated by cons that thrive through milking naïve newbies off their hard earned $$. Since the entire transaction is carried on online, it may be hard to find a form of redress and quite a number of people have lost money to these cheats. They mostly use fake accounts, making it hard to figure out their real identity. If you’re new, ask for recommendations before you entrust anyone with your $$. Be wary of people with abnormally high rates or those insisting on inbox conversations. Should you be unfortunate to be conned though, ensure that you alert the rest to avoid the culprit.

How can I Identify a Genuine service Provider?

One of the easiest ways to find a reliable dealer is to ask for recommendations. If you work online, chances are you’re a member of various Facebook groups bringing together article writers, academic writers or those doing transcription. Ask around in these groups and you’ll get a number of names coming up with multiple recommendations. Among these, you can carry out your research and pick your favourite.
Legitimate service providers have seasoned accounts and use their real names. They’re also likely to have a real profile picture as opposed to an animation or something equally vague. A genuine PayPal to M-pesa service provider should be comfortable answering your questions publicly. Before going to inbox for further talks, be sure to have engaged an agent through a public post. There are those who have gone ahead to invest in websites complete with PayPal to M-pesa calculators; one more reason why you should trust them. Their commitment to offering quality service sets them apart…

Will PayPal to M-pesa services last?

If the developments of the last couple of months is anything to go by, then these services are here to stay. More and more freelancers are now depending on PayPal to Mpesa agents to withdraw their money. Even those receiving money from family members abroad that previously used services such as Western Union now have an alternative. With dealers investing all they can to offer superior services, you can rest assured that PayPal to M-pesa services are heading to the next level. Happy freelancing!

Importance of PayPal to Mpesa Calculator

When comparing PayPal to Mpesa services, every potential client has one question in mind. ‘How much will I receive?’ Every service provider will give you a different answer, in a different way. There are those who will require you to calculate for yourself from some figures given. They may give you the current dollar exchange rates, PayPal fees and their commission, and it’s up to you to calculate and determine how much to expect.

There are those providers who have a PayPal to Mpesa calculator on a website where you can simply key in the amount you want to withdraw and it automatically calculates for you the amount you’ll receive on Mpesa.

What is wrong with calculating for yourself? Well, the formula contains several parameters and there may be instances of mistakes here and there. Finally you may receive a different amount from what you expected. This is a common cause of disagreements between clients and the Payapal to M-pesa agent.
The PayPal to Mpesa calculator factors in details such as the current dollar rate, PayPal fees, commissions applicable, Mpesa charges and the amount to be withdrawn. If any of these parameters change, the calculator is updated and the changes automatically reflect on the final amount. Generally, it is cheaper to withdraw a large amount of dollars although some PayPal to M-pesa dealers will give you a flat rate for every $ withdrawn.


Benefits of PayPal to Mpesa Calculator

1. It brings convenience to the business. Without it, every time you want to withdraw, you’ll have to call your PayPal to Mpesa agent and ask how much you will get for a certain amount. If you have to calculate for yourself, you have to find out the prevailing dollar exchange rate. Why not avoid that unnecessary hassle? You can replace it all with the keying in of a bunch of figures; and your answer pops up.

2. It reduces cases of mischief. Some PayPal to Mpesa dealers don’t work alone. In their websites or adverts, you’ll see different numbers that you should call should you need their service, just in case one is not available. There have been cases where the 2 quote different amounts; perhaps through typos. A PayPal to Mpesa calculator ensures standardized services no matter whom you contact.

3. Incorporating a calculator gives the business legitimacy and separates it from the cons. A service provider who has taken time and resources to invest in a website plus a PayPal to Mpesa calculator is one that you can trust. It shows his/her commitment in offering their services. It is not just a side hassle. This is a dealer who can be relied on to provide consistent services.

That said, you know one more thing to look out for when looking for a service provider to assist you withdraw your cash. A calculator means there’s a website; or where else would it be placed? I however do not insinuate that everyone who does not have a PayPal to Mpesa Calculator is not genuine. We all start someone and grow with time. All these are signs of someone you can entrust with your money. Happy freelancing!