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What is What are the Pros and Cons of Using It?

PayPal is a service that was established in the year 1998 as Confinity. This is a company that started a security software for handheld device. In 1999, PayPal was developed and launched as a money transfer service. It was funded by John Malloy from Blue Run Ventures. In the year 2000, Confinity made a partnership with which is an online banking company that was established by Elon Musk. In the year 2001, was renamed PayPal and it grew to an extent where the company executives took PayPal to the public. In July 2002, PayPal was taken over by eBay. PayPal then became the payment method that is mostly used by eBay users.

In 2005, PayPal got a VeriSign payment solution so as to expand its online marketing business card and offer security support. In the year 2007, PayPal became partners with MasterCard which led to the growth and launch of the PayPal Secure Card service, a software that gives clients a chance to make payments on websites that do not accept PayPal directly by giving a single use of MasterCard number for each checkout. By the time the year was ending there was a generation of 1.8 billion in revenue.

In the year 2008, PayPal acquired Fraud Sciences, a company that is an expert on online risk tools. PayPal became partners with Fraud Sciences so that they can enhance PayPal’s proprietary fraud management systems. In the same year, PayPal acquired Bill Me Later, an online payments company that offers transactional credit to more than 9000 online merchants. By the year 2010, PayPal had more than 100 million active user accounts in 190 markets across 25 different currencies. In 2011, PayPal moved its business offline so that clients can make payments through PayPal in stores. In 2012, August, PayPal came into partnership with Discover Card so as to allow PayPal payments to be made to 7 million stores in Discover Card’s network. In 2013, PayPal made a partnership with Iron Pearl, a startup that offers engagement software and Braintree, a payment gateway, PayPal did this for further growth, and development and mobile services.

PayPal is a service that enables one to send money, pay and accept payments. PayPal is a safe and secure site because it uses the latest anti- fraud technology and encryption to ensure that your information is safe and reduces the risk of online fraud. When making payment with PayPal there is flexibility because once you register your debit or credit card with your PayPal account, you pay by choosing the PayPal at checkout then you log in into your PayPal account and make a confirmation of your payment. PayPal will then complete the transaction without disclosing your financial details. PayPal is also quick and easy, once you select a payment option on the site, you can open a PayPal account as fast as possible and add a payment method so as to complete the purchase. You can manage to use your PayPal account, to shop with many sellers and merchants all over the world.

PayPal works with eBay Transactions whereby:

  1. The buyer wins an auction or makes a purchase; the bidder makes a purchase from a seller who accepts PayPal as a payment method.
  2. The winning bidder checks out using PayPal; the winning bidder should be a member of PayPal where he or she clicks on Pay Now that is an icon next to the completed listing.
  3. Money is then moved automatically; once you check out, the winning buyer triggers a transfer of funds from their choice of payment method into their PayPal account. The funds are there and then transferred to the seller’s PayPal account.
  4. The seller then receives the funds; once the funds are in the seller’s account, he /she can transfer the funds to their bank account and can have a check mailed from PayPal. The seller can then spend the money using a PayPal debit card or use the PayPal balance to make other purchases online.

Advantages of using PayPal

  • Speed: Transfers taking place between the sellers and the clients are instant and transfers from PayPal accounts to bank accounts can take place within 1 hour to 24 hours.
  • Flexibility for Sellers: Once you are a member of PayPal, sellers can easily and quickly accept payments from buyers’ debit or credit cards.
  • Affordability: For the transaction to take place, the fee charges are only 30 cents per transaction and 3% of the total amount of the transaction.
  • Safe Buying: Since PayPal guarantees the seller and the buyer of a process for disputing transactions. The buyer can recourse if he/she did not get the item he ordered and the seller who worries if his/her payment will be stiffed.
  • Account Privacy: For buyers the level of account protection is high and the sellers cannot access the buyers’ account information.
  • Ease of Record Keeping: Users can retrieve full reports on their accounts and transactions.
  • Acceptance Online: PayPal is a common method of payment on most shopping websites.


PayPal is safe for the Buyers where there is:

PayPal is secure when sending money. PayPal has an awesome reputation having enough security built in to keep the buyer relatively safe online.

  1. Data Security: PayPal’s website is encrypted and secure. If you have a secure connection to the legitimate PayPal site, then the information is safe from unauthorized users. PayPal also offers financial rewards to hackers that inform them of any vulnerabilities.
  2. A layer of protection: With PayPal you will not need to cancel your cards and update all your automatic billers, you just secure your PayPal account.

Precautions to ensure that your financial and personal information stays secure:

  • Use a credit card as your funding method rather than a debit card or a direct bank transfer.
  • Keep your software up-to-date on your mobile device or computer.
  • Avoid public Wi-Fi for financial transactions, accessing and managing PayPal account.
  • Use a dedicated computer for financial transactions to enhance safety.
  • Be careful of links in emails. Phishing scams that seem to come from PayPal but instead they link to imposter sites.

PayPal is safe for sellers because:

They get paid more or less as they had expected and fraud is less. Credit card charges can be reversed easily. The seller has to be careful to whom they sell to and how they sell. Ship goods to verified addresses, avoid delivering goods in person, communicate with unhappy clients politely and promptly and clearly give a vivid description of the products you are selling.

Steps to follow when you need to change your funding source for pre-approved payments

  1. Log in to your PayPal account.
  2. Click profile near the top of the page.
  3. Click my money
  4. Click update in my preapproved payments section.
  5. Click the name of the merchant for the agreement you want to change.
  6. Click name of the merchant for the agreement you want to change.
  7. Click change beside Backup Funding Source in the Funding Source section.
  8. Select the payment method you would like to use and click save.

PayPal will use the updated payment information for the next recurring payment taken to your Plus subscription.

 PayPal is a leading technology platform that enables mobile and digital payments on behalf of merchants and clients globally. The company puts the clients at the center of everything they do. They offer simpler and safer ways for businesses to accept payments from merchant websites, mobile applications and offline retail locations through a range of payment solutions across various payments platforms such as; PayPal Credit, PayPal, Braintree products and Venmo. To ensure that you do not become a victim of PayPal scams, ensure that you do not link your PayPal account to your bank account or debit card account.

When you update your billing information you are able to modify and view your billing information. PayPal uses this information to bill you for your Pay flow services. This option is only available to Cyber Cash and PayPal. Only administrators can modify billing information. PayPal strongly advises people to keep the contact information up to date. PayPal allows payments through bank accounts, credit cards, buyer credit or PayPal account balances. PayPal is among the shopify’s default payment providers. When you open a store, you receive a PayPal Express Checkout account with the email you used to sign up for your Shopify store. Before you can collect payments for orders made with PayPal you have to set up your PayPal account. Due to PayPal’s worldwide availability, it is one of the common payment providers on the Shopify platform. PayPal supports the following payment integrations; PayPal Website Payments Pro (CA), PayPal Website Payments Pro (UK), PayPal Website Payments Pro (US), PayPal Pay flow Pro and PayPal Express Checkout. There may be additional fees incurred for using one of these payment providers.

How PayPal integration works in Shopify

They advise the use of PayPal Express instead of PayPal Standard because of:

  1. Express supports a detailed order summary with descriptions for all line items.
  2. Standard is deprecated.
  3. Express is more reliable because PayPal does not have to send IPNs to Shopify which have a tendency to get lost sometimes which causes orders to not get marked as paid correctly on the Shopify side.
  4. Accelerated Onboarding: Start accepting payments right away without having a PayPal account. Later on, you can sign up that you have received payments from your customers.
  5. Automated order cancellations: When an order is cancelled in Shopify, the amount is then refunded to the client without having to visit your PayPal admin interface.
  6. Express adds a One –Click Checkout button to the cart or a checkout page to let clients log in into their PayPal account to pay without entering any address information.

When clients use the PayPal Express they have to go through a Shopify Checkout process to enter their address if:

  1. You have more than one payment method activated for your shop.
  2. The client does not click the PayPal Checkout button on the cart page for quick checkout.
  3. The client does not click on the PayPal Checkout button on the first page of your Checkout.

Most probably the order address will be collected on the PayPal side. PayPal collects only a shipping address and sends that address back to Shopify when redirecting your customer to page two of your checkout where they pick a shipping rate and enter discount codes. The price is then updated and clients can finalize their transaction. PayPal website Payments Pro is preferable to fully integrate into Shopify, clients do not have to be transferred to PayPal when paying with a credit card.


A Comprehensive Overview of Bitcoin As One Of The Major Cryptocurrencies

The financial world has been among the fastest in terms of evolution. This is a fact that we must appreciate. It all began with the early transactions that would involve exchange of commodities. This gradually evolved and led to the use of currencies. Today, the use of currencies owned by governments in the world tends to remain dominating. However, in as much as there is domination exhibited by the usual currencies used in different countries, the need for universality has been on constant rise for the past decade.

It is through the great demand for a better currency that cryptocurrency has come to existence. Out of the several cryptocurrencies in existence today, Bitcoin seems to have a strong lead. It is among the cryptocurrencies that has been on constant growth since inception. Today, individuals and companies across the globe are gradually appreciating the use of Bitcoin.

Bitange Ndemo, a former Permanent Secretary in Kenya had this to say.

The only issue, though, is that most people seem not to have ample knowledge in regards to Bitcoin. This is one of the reasons why majority of people sway away from investing in Bitcoin despite having a light idea of what it is all about. For the sake of fueling the interest of individuals towards Bitcoin investment, it is indispensable to expose anyone interested to all details in regards to the same.

This article aims at enlightening you on all aspects of Bitcoins for the sake of a fruitful investment in the long run.


The History of Bitcoin

 Apparently, the inventor of Bitcoin remains anonymous. No one know exactly the person who came up with the idea of introducing digital currency in the name of Bitcoin. However, a pseudonym to identify the person was brought about. Today, it is assumed that the person behind the invention is known as Satoshi Nakamoto.

The first release of Bitcoin was back in 2009. It first came as a open-source software that was 100% online based. The mechanism under which the cryptocurrency is traded is based on a public distributed ledger known as Blockchain.

Blockchain has since been acknowledged as the very first decentralized digital currency mechanism since it works without a central repository. In other words, there is no central party that regulates the movement and transactions in relation to Bitcoin.

Between 2009 and 2015, a large number of people had already indicated strong interest in Bitcoin. Key companies across the globe started appreciating and accepting Bitcoin as a medium of payment. Estimates indicated that over 10,000 merchants and vendors had already begun using Bitcoin by February 2015. Cambridge University undertook a research and confirmed that there were at least 5.8 million users of Cryptocurrency, with the majority using Bitcoin. Today, the number has grown further.

It is believed that in 5 years to come, the number of Bitcoin users globally will have doubled that recorded in 2015. This implies that the use of Bitcoin is on a constant rise and the trend is not about to dwindle soon. Apparently, the financial dynamics are all pointing towards the use of Bitcoin. The future of finance heads towards cryptocurrency and this is one of the reasons why any person anticipating to join the investment should go right ahead.


The Bitcoin Value and Conversion Rate Trends Since 2013

 Since the inception of Bitcoin, there has been evident trends that tends to tamper with its value. Basically, Bitcoin is universally converted into US Dollars. It can be further converted into other currencies depending on the location and preference of the trader. It has come to the attention of the world that major events that transpire in the world affect the value of Bitcoin either positively or negatively. The turn of events since 2010 has confirmed that there are forces that dictate the trend that Bitcoin will take in terms of value.


Let us have a look at some of the major occurrence since 2010 and the manner in which they affect the value of Bitcoin.


  • The Shutting Down of Tradehill

 On August 30 2013, Tradehill shut down. This came as one of the main blows to the value of Bitcoin. The value of Bitcoin by then stood at $131.48. In just 10 days, the value of Bitcoin had already gone down to $126.94. Although the drop was not that huge, it was significant enough to tamper with the related market.

  • The Arrest of Dread Pirates Roberts

This took place on the 1st October 2013. Apparently, the arrest of Dread Pirates Roberts had a direct impact on the value of Bitcoin. The value of Bitcoin as recorded on 1st October 2013 was $133.03. Following the occurrence, the value of Bitcoin rose to $135.12 in just 10 days.


  • The Hearing By The US Senate On Bitcoin

This took place in November 18, 2013. Apparently, this came as a major boost to the value of Bitcoin. The hearing was at the verge of making Bitcoin even stronger by implementing laws in that line. On the day of hearing, the value of Bitcoin stood at $685.75. However, the value of Bitcoin rose to $1072 10 days after the hearing.


  • DDoS Attacks

 It took place on 7th February 2014. By this time, the value of Bitcoin was estimated at $717.83. It only took 10 days after the DDoS attack for the value to drop to $616.5. Although it was not established clearly that the attack was responsible for the value depreciation, there were all indicators that indeed the occurrence led to that.


  • The Closure of Mt. Gox

This was after it was confirmed that hackers had exploited the software linked to the Mt. Gox website. It is believed that this is the key reason why Mt Gox was closed. The event took place on 24th February 2014. The closer of Mt. Gox came as a boost to the value of Bitcoin. The value of Bitcoin before the closure of Mt. Gox was $547.09. It rose to $662.57 in 10 days.


  • The Hacking Bitstamp

 It is among the landmark occurrences that too place in 2015. On 4th January, claims were aired that indeed Bitstamp had been hacked. This event was a major blow to the value of Bitcoin. The value of Bitcoin by then was $275.07. In just 10 days after hacking, the value went down to $198.59. It was confirmed that hackers had managed to steal a total of 18,866 Bitcoins. This is one of the reasons why a major depreciation in the value of Bitcoin was recorded.


  • Declaration of Bitcoin as a Commodity

The US regulator declared Bitcoin as a commodity on 18th September 2015. This came as great news to the users of Bitcoin. Before the declaration, the value of Bitcoin was $234.65. In a period of 10 days, the value shot to $238.15. It event was apparently seen as a major turning point of Bitcoin valuation. It was believed that the value would maintain a constant rise all along.


  • The Launch of Gemini Exchange

The event took place on October 8th 2015. It was expected that the value of Bitcoin would raise right after the event. True to the stipulations, the value indeed rose. Just before the event took place, the value of Bitcoin was $245.48. 10 days later, the value of Bitcoin rose to $268.01. It is believed that this is one of the main events that dictated the speculative value of Bitcoin in the years to come. The Gemini Exchange was fully in compliance with the US law.


  • Declaration of No VAT on Bitcoin Trades

The European Union through the court of Justice made a declaration that any trade in relation to Bitcoin would be VAT free. This came as great news to Bitcoin traders. The value of Bitcoin before the declaration was $273.82. In just 10 days, the value had shot to $318.43. Although the ruling was not in favor of some of the United States regulatory rules, the news still came as great news to Bitcoin investors.


  • Election of Donald Trump as The President of United States of America

The just concluded US elections came with a major influence on the value of Bitcoin. Apparently, there was not expectation that Donald Trump would defeat Hilary Clinton. However, the unexpected happened and Donald Trump became the president of the United States of America. Upon the election of Donald Trump, a major effect on money markets was felt. The value of Bitcoin by then was $726.36. In just 10 days, the value shot up to $749.1.


  • Denial of Bitcoin ETF Application by SEC

 It is among the major events that have influenced the value of Bitcoin in 2017.The United States Securities and Exchange Commission denied the Bitcoin ETF application, and this was seen as a major effect on the value of Bitcoin. Before the denial, the value of Bitcoin stood at $1044.25. It took 10 days only for the value of Bitcoin to rise to $1190. This was acknowledged as a major development in the cryptocurrency world.


  • Splitting of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash

It is the latest event that took place on August 1st 2017. Apparently, this would mark the main turning point of the value of Bitcoin. Before the splitting took place, the value of Bitcoin was $2787.85. In just 10 days, the value went up to $3387.79. Arguably, this was the only occurrence that appreciation gap of the Bitcoin value was this wide.

  • The Current Value of Bitcoin

 Believe it or not, in just a span of less than 10 years, the value of Bitcoin has already rose to approximately $4,388.85. This is also attributed to the many turn of events that have transpired in the cryptocurrency world.

According to different financial speculators, the value of Bitcoin is expected to rise even more over the years to come. It is actually speculated that the value of Bitcoin will be double the current position in year 2020.



 From the above trends, it comes out clearly that major events across the world tend to tamper with the value of Bitcoin. The value can be affected both negatively and positively depending on the impact exerted by the event in questions.

The events above play the role of providing indicators to investors. Any person trading Bitcoin can easily tell the most ideal point in time to make sales and when not to. The truth is that the value of Bitcoin is expected to rise even more hence the need to eliminate fear of investing in the same.


Why Should You Invest In Bitcoin?

 Evidently, there is something great behind Bitcoin investment. It is true that people are gradually appreciating Cryptocurrency. However, not every person out there has the courage of making the bold step of investing in cryptocurrency.

So, which are some of the convincing reasons why you should consider investing in Bitcoin:


  • Higher Chances of Profits Than Losses

 Since the inception of Bitcoin, there has never been a constant trend of loss in value. Actually, only a few events have made the value of Bitcoin to depreciate. Professional financial speculators actually argue that there are high chances of having Bitcoin at a double value as compared to its worth today. This comes as a confirmation that Bitcoin is indeed on a rising trend as far as value is concerned. Investing in Bitcoin means that you stand more chances of making gains than losses.


  • Universal Appreciation

Although Bitcoin was not well known well several years back, things have already changed. Today, companies across the world are gradually appreciating the use of Bitcoin. A considerably large number of countries today have acknowledged Bitcoin as a means of payment and the trend continues. In years to come, even more countries will join the wagon.

In this regard, there is absolutely no fears in investing in Bitcoin since major parties and individuals are appreciating the use of the cryptocurrency. As time goes by, cryptocurrency, Bitcoin included, may dominate the normal currencies. This is speculative though.

  • Secure Investment and Guaranteed Interest

While some financial investments may not guarantee you safety and security, Bitcoin does. It has been confirmed that Bitcoin is a commodity. This means that you can hold Bitcoins and sell when the market is convenient enough. The good thing is that you can make good interest from Bitcoin investment. It is almost a sure guarantee of making interest from Bitcoin.


  • No Regulating Body

The value of Bitcoin can easily be affected negatively by regulating bodies. The good thing is that Bitcoin has no regulating bodies. This means that it is a matter of trader to trader. Exchange of Bitcoin does not require an intermediary. It is transferred instantly.


  • Easy Access

 There is no any processing that is required for you to access your Bitcoin. Investors also do not have a given period to hold Bitcoin. You can hold your Bitcoin for as long as you wish and invest when the market is convenient for you.


  • Conclusion

Overlooking the essence of Bitcoin investment could be the big mistake you are making now. From all indications, the direction the Bitcoin is taking is indeed promising. So many people have made a lot through Bitcoin investment. More is still yet to come. In a nutshell, you should take the initiative of investing in Bitcoin any day since that comes with a main guarantee for returns in the end.

Where can I buy bitcoins? There are many sites that sell bitcoins. A good example is local bitcoins.

How to Succeed in Freelancing

Every day, successful freelancers receive queries on how newbies can get a grip in freelancing. At times, the question is hard as there is no a specific blue print in getting the rules of the game right. Different people join the field for different reasons. For you to succeed in freelancing, there are unwritten rules of engagement. Here are some of them…


Make Google your Friend

Many freelancers often use the phrase “Google knows everything.” This is so true. Anything you want to know under the sun has been talked about and published somewhere. Your efforts is just asking the Mr. Know-it-all; Google. If you are keen, you will be able to polish your freelancing skills and knowledge fast enough.

Some people did not know know anyone when they started freelancing. All they had was an idea that there is another world that people wake up to every morning.


Work Hard

The only place that success comes before work is in the dictionary. In the real world, you have to wake up and toil. If you are the kind that thinks that freelancing is a safe haven for sluggards, you might end up earning just enough or less than enough to feed yourself. Freelancing is a job like any other. You might be your own boss but if you are not up to the task, you will lose your accounts, your direct clients and even the motivation to work.


Know the Right People; Read, Network

There are so many groups where freelancers discuss different issues day and night. As they exchange their ideas, you will know the veterans. Just pitch them. Befriend them and ask them questions. Here, you got to be strategic not to irk them. Do not ask a guru how much they earn. They might think that you are not serious or you just want to start comparing yourself with them. This is not cool.

When engaging the veterans, ask them about the challenges that hit them along the way and how they solved them. Enquire about the time they were on the ground and how they rose to glory again. Seek for motivation and goodwill from them. If you want to succeed in freelancing, do not be stingy. Buy these guys a cup of tea. A meeting makes people more open and increases trust. You will learn in the process.


Know What you Want

As a way of paying back to those who held my hand at the time of need, I have sponsored many newbies. At times, I simply direct them to the best trainers I know in the field. Some come thinking that they can do anything. What happens? They come back saying, “I thought academic writing is easy but I cannot do it.” This is where you discover that someone did not have a clear orientation of what different areas of  freelancing entails.

In such cases, some people give up while others go to the next option. Some find their success in the third or fourth field. If you are not sure about what you want, first take your time and do a thorough soul searching. Evaluate your skills and potential. When seeking for intervention by/from third parties, let them not feel like they wasted their time by assisting you.


Invest in the Tools of Trade

You cannot succeed in freelancing without the right tools of trade. You need a good computer, stable internet and your self-sustenance. You also need a good working environment for you to be productive. Some fields like transcription need careful listening to audios. You can not hear everything well if you work from a pub or near a bus terminus.

I have heard newbies ask, “Can I do trascription using my phone?” Inside me I know the answer but I try to encourage them to find a computer, even if it means borrowing. You need strong devices for you to manage to do online work.


Do Not be Greedy

Greed for success is good but greedy for money makes one a failure. If you want to succeed in freelancing, you must uphold strong working relationships with other freelancers. Do not take more work than you can handle. Only take what you can comfortably handle within the stipulated time. Some people take tasks they cannot manage to do just to end up switching off their phones a few minutes before deadlines.

Successful freelancers start by working for others. Some people think that owning an account is the key to success. That is highly fallacious. You need to know what to do with an account when you log in. You need to have polished interpersonal and communication skills. These will always help you to talk to both clients and the admins of your company of choice.



As a newbie or even a veteran, it is important to focus on the work you do. Some freelancers fail to handle their friends in the mainstream industries well. They do not work during the weekends or on public holidays. You are different. Hii ni juakali industry. You will be given tasks in the middle of the night and be expected to deliver it early in the morning. You cannot afford to tag along the office guys every weekend. I do not mean that you break ties. Make time for them when there are no pending jobs. Low season is also a perfect time for buddies. I bet none of them leaves their jobs on Wednesday morning to go out with you anyway

You can only have the right focus if you have passion for your job. You will only gain the right motivation to become the best than you were yesterday if you love your job.


Finally- Be Broke

Nothing makes a human being more sensible and focused than uncertainty of self-subsistence and sustenance. No one wants to die of hunger or having their house closed due to unpaid bills. You do not want your power to be disconnected. If you are faced with all these threats in life, I can assure you that you can write a 30 page dissertation within an day.

Your Online Dollars wishes you happy freelancing as we offer you the cheapest PayPal to Mpesa Services.

Please feel free to add more tips about how to succeed in freelancing in the comment section.


Who can write my essay for me?

Many college students have discovered that staying in college without working wastes time for gaining working experience. Other students come from humble backgrounds that require them to work to fund their studies. Others are international students. Their visas were skewed towards working. For the visas to retain eligibility, they must keep on working. There is another group of students that wants to be independent. All these categories have little or no time for writing their essays. They ask themselves, “who can write my essay for cheap?”

Who is the Essay Helper?

When you ask yourself, “can I get a free essay writer?” or “who can write my essay for me free online?”, there are solutions. When you need to submit the best essay, you have to pay for the essay. There is no one who would have so much time to write essays for free. The best you can get is a free essay example or free sample essay.


When I need someone to help write my essay, I must ask myself, what is the cost of the essay. There are the yardsticks used to determine the prices of essays. A high school essay cannot be charged the same as a PhD dissertation. The level of expertise for both is worlds apart.

The length of the paper is also important. If you  get a good college essay helper, they will be interested in knowing what length or the number of words your essay will be. The longer the essay, the more dollars you will cough. College papers are charged per page. Each page is between 275 and 300 words.

Thirdly, the urgency of the paper matters in pricing. Lets face it. If you contact your essay writer and ask them, “will you write my essay for cheap within an hour?”. Your writer might have to stop attending to other papers and work on your Harvard referencing style essay. The priority list must be edited. This makes urgent papers a little bit expensive.

The Cheapest Essay Writers

Whenever you want someone to write your Harvard referenced essay, you will have to choose among many available options. The internet is so rich in information on cheap Harvard Style essay writing services. Different companies offer different services. Some specialize in writing Harvard dissertations or theses. Others write Harvard college essays, Harvard term papers, Harvard research papers, Harvard capstone projects. There are others that offer other citation styles exclusively. The best is the one that offers all of the above and other essay writing services.

A good company should have different departments. It should be a one stop shop. We hope that we have helped you to know how to choose someone to write your paper for cheap. All the best.

How to get more out of PayPal to Equity Transactions

Are you a freelancer earning in dollars and withdrawals via Equity Bank? There is a way you can save some few coins.

Go to Equity Bank and open a dollar account. You will need a KRA pin, a copy of your ID and $10 in cash or you can buy at the bank. It is better to have the dollar bill in cash because the rate at the bank is always high.


The process

Whenever you want to withdraw, always use the dollar account. You will be charged the normal PayPal to equity charges. When the three official days are over, you will be able to withdraw your dollars in hard form.


Possible Options

You can negotiate the rates at your branch. The rate will be higher than what you would have gotten if you withdrew in Kshs. This will save you a few coins. You should however note that your power to negotiate at Equity bank starts at $1000 or above.

The other option would be selling your dollars at the bureaus in town. You will get better rates than what the bank would offer. As a business principle, always create rapport with vendors at the bureaus. This will give you an upper hand in negotiations. Whatever rates they may have on their boards are not final or absolute.

I hope you this will help you to get more value for your dollars. All the best.