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Use this PayPal to Mpesa Calculator for PayPal to Mpesa Withdrawals

We exchange a dollar at Kshs 98.5, and give you an incredible PayPal to Mpesa calculator to see just how much you will receive. Below is our breakdown of our charges after deductions and commissions.

Range (in USD)Charges
0-9.99Not Allowed
Above 100Flat rate of Kshs. 90

For our first time clients, we require a scanned copy of (their) IDs. The name on the PayPal account, the ID and the client’s Mpesa number must tally. Additionally, if you have dollars in your Payoneer account¬† and you urgently require to withdraw it, we help you to do that. The Payoneer dollar rate will be applicable. In this case, 5% commission will be charged. call us us at 0703-506-141 for instant and reliable services.

Please use the PayPal to Mpesa calculator below to see how much you will receive in your mpesa.




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